The Coach

Sarah is a certified sex and relationship coach, whose speciality is working with women who either suffer from pelvic pain during intercourse or low libido. Sarah is intimately familiar with both of these issues, because she suffered from Vaginismus (one cause of pelvic pain) and low libido for most of her adult life.

Several years ago, Sarah experienced a remarkable healing around her sexuality, of which you can read about here: my story. She discovered that as she healed her relationship with her sexuality, her whole life began to transform.

After experiencing her own healing, Sarah felt a calling to begin helping other women do the same. She left a nine year career as a public school teacher, and enrolled in a coaching program focused on sexuality and relationship.

It has been Sarah’s experience that a women’s power lies within her sexuality, and she sees the work she does as deeply revolutionary.

To find out more about coaching, click here. 

The Creatrix

As a child, Sarah loved to be creative; but as so often happens, early life experiences caused her to shut down to creativity. She learned that she lacked what her teachers, family, and friends called “artistic skill” or “talent.”  Sarah spent years with an aching, unfulfilled desire to create, and a belief that she could not. Then, at one point, the desire became so strong she was compelled to pick up a paintbrush and see what happened.

To her surprise, what happened was an intense reawakening to the creative source within—a source that didn’t need her to have artistic talent or training to express itself through her. Sarah has spent the last 11 years learning to surrender to this creative source, and when she began healing her relationship with her sexuality, her creativity deepened even more.

Sarah experiences the creative process as deeply feminine in nature, and sees a connection between the birthing process and the creative process.

When not coaching, Sarah spends her time immersed in this process through painting, writing, and performing.  Two of Sarah’s many creative accomplishments include, painting over 200 paintings, and writing and performing two one-woman shows called The Vagina Odyssey, and The Adventures of Queen V.  You can read her writings and find out more about her creative adventures on her blog: Viva La Vulva.