Calling All Modern-Day Magic Women

In my number one blog entry, I wrote that I was afraid you would think me a mad woman when you laid eyes on my paintings. This morning, as I hid in bed trying to avoid writing my number three blog entry—the truth hit me: I am not a mad woman, goddammit, I am a magic woman.

If these were the olden, olden, olden days—way back in time before we were all taught to fear the dark and mysterious powers of a woman—I'm certain I would have been revered as a witch, shaman, medicine woman, alchemist or matriarch..

We women had our magic tortured, drowned, burned, raped, electrocuted and manipulated out of us. Our magic slowly turned into our madness—and we eventually turned on ourselves. We eventually began to believe that we were mad and fell under the spell of a victim story. We may not have created this story, but we have perpetuated it against ourselves and other women for centuries.

It is now our responsibility to break the spell--as we are the ones holding ourselves captive by it. Let's break this spell together as our world is desperate for fully empowered women. We can hospice the dying ways of living that are destroying us—and we can mid-wive the new.

But first, let us reclaim what it means to be a woman of magic. We need a manifesto—a verbal declaration of our collective intentions and visions as magic women—and I'm starting one. This will be a living, breathing, document created by the whole. I've started it, and I ask all you beautiful women of magic out there to add to it.

I'm excited to hear from you!

Here's how it works:

  • You can add to the manifesto by clicking on my Facebook page where you will find a Modern-Day Magic Women thread (look for the Magic sign). If you do not use Facebook, either add to the manifesto through the comments sections of this blog or email me directly at
  • I will compile everything into one brilliant manifesto and publish it as a new blog post.
  • I ask that anything you add to the manifesto come from your empowered voice—and is for the good of all of humanity.

P.S. I hope men do not feel left out by this post—I love men—y’all are sexy. I just know that if we women do not claim our magic back, you men will forever be miserable—because more than anything you crave a potent woman. Plus, it will continue to be legal for people to wear socks with flip-flops, and the entire human race will probably die.

Here is my start:

The Manifesto of Modern-Day Magic Women:

  • We allow the world to behold the beauty of our beautiful magic. We do not hide.
  • We allow beauty to be undefined.
  • We choose truth over comfort.
  • We hold death close so we can fully live.
  • We let life use us.
  • We claim full responsibilityfor everything.
  • We revere the mystery, not dogma.
  • We allow that which is beyond our humanness, and that which is our deepest humanness to show us the way.
  • We reclaim the Queendom within, and reign in the name of love and execute in the name of freedom.


P.S. If you live in the Bay Area, come check out my class on Dec. 17th from 6:30 to 8:30.


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