How I Became a Stand-up Comedian

As many of you know, this year I completed a 10 month coaching program with a company called OneTaste, where I was in training to become both a life-coach and a trainer of a practice called Orgasmic Meditation.

I went into this program expecting to grow, change and stretch as a human being on many different levels. I also expected to gain skills to start my own coaching and Om training business. All of that happened.

Then, about 3/4 way through the program, something else happened—something totally unexpected.

As part of the coaching program, our group convened once a month for a weekend immersion in San Francisco. One day of each immersion was taught by Nicole Daedone, founder and CEO of OneTaste, author of the book Slow Sex, and mind-blowingly amazing woman. Nicole is a very powerful, awake, and intuitive woman who has the ability to read people like no one I've ever known.

During an immersion, I had an interaction with Nicole in front of the group where we explored my relationship with pleasure. At the end of the interaction, Nicole turned to me and said: "Tomorrow you will give your 10 minute stand-up comedy routine."

Uh, what?

I had never told anyone this, but for years I had been secretly writing stand-up in my head. I had always dreamed of doing stand-up, but I could never get past the fear.

But when Nicole somehow saw that in me, I felt seen and touched at a deep level and something inside me freed up. The next day I did my first ever stand-up routine. I was terrified. All day, while I waited for my time to go on stage, I thought for sure I was going to throw up on the person next to me, or have a panic attack, or have a panic attack while throwing up on the person next to me.

But then, when I got on stage I felt at home. I felt like I was doing the thing I was always meant to do. IT WAS AWESOME AND FUN AND AWESOME!

Would you like to see my first ever stand-up routine? Well, here it is!

And, a couple months later I have put together my own fundraiser comedy show! I'm both excited and nervous and if you live in the Bay Area I hope you will come. All proceeds go to help me pay for my coaching program, with 10% donated to the OT Foundation.  


I've got a super amazing line-up of well accomplished female comedians with long comedian bios, and then there's me. Gulp. This is my current comedian bio:

Sarah has no comedian credentials except a life long existance of being unintentionally akwardly funny. She hopes this show goes well.  Besides being an unintentionally awkardly funny person, she is also a writer, blogger, artist, and life-coach.

You can buy tickets here:

I've always been a person who likes to push my own edges and create a life that is dynamic and alive instead of secure and easy.  This means I'm constantly making choices that push me outside of my comfort zone. But, doing standup and facing my fear of being on stage has challenged and stretched me more than anything I've ever done. I now have an even deeper appreciation for the courage it takes to take risks in pursuit of a living a life fully lived.

Life wins again.

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