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If you are like many of my clients, you may:

  • Long to express yourself creatively, but feel like you don’t know how.
  • Constantly tell yourself you will make time for creativity, but never do.
  • Often wish you could be creative like “other people."
  • Have a desire to go deeper into creativity.

I know how you feel, because I use to feel the same way. As a child, I loved to be creative; but as so often happens, early life experiences caused me to shut down to creativity. I learned that I lacked what my teachers, family, and friends called “artistic skill” or “talent.” I learned that I should leave art and creativity to those rare individuals who do have talent.  I spent years with an aching, unfulfilled desire to create, and a belief that I could not.

Then, at one point, the desire became so strong I was compelled to pick up a paintbrush and see what happened. To my surprise, what happened was an intense reawakening to the creative source within—a source that didn’t need me to have artistic talent or training to express itself through me.

Along the way, I discovered a magical place—The Center for Creative Exploration—where I have been a student of the creative process for eleven years. Now, I live a deeply inspired and engaged creative life. I’m a painter, writer, blogger, performer, coach, and innovative entrepreneur. I feel the pulse of creativity running through my veins everyday, and I have so many creative ideas and visions that it would take lifetimes for me to actually bring them all to life.

Now, I’m called to help others tap into their creativity and live a more inspired life. In this course I will take you through the process I went through to reawaken my creativity. A process that involves:

  • Dedicating time to creativity with a 15 minute daily creativity practice.
  • A simple process for releasing childhood wounds around creativity.
  • Dismantling what I call “The big lies about creativity.”
  • Awakening creative spirit by breaking all the “rules” about creativity.
  • Engaging with creativity in it’s “natural state.”

After awakening to my own creative source within, one thing became crystal clear to me—everyone, and I do mean everyone (yes you) is a creative genius. Most just don’t realize their own potential (yet).

So, if you wish to know your creative potential and live a more inspired life, then join me for a four week creative adventure!

This class is for everyone. You don’t need to be a painter or writer or anything of the like—you only need a desire to cultivate a more creative and inspired life.

Details, Details

Ignite Your Creative Potential (and live a more inspired life) Tele-Course

Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm PST

September 8, 15, 22, 29

Price: $97.00

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