I’m a certified sex and relationship coach whose speciality is working with women who either suffer from pelvic pain during intercourse or low libido. I’m intimately familiar with both of these issues, because I suffered from Vaginismus (one cause of pelvic pain) and low libido for most of my adult life.

Several years ago, I experienced a remarkable healing around my sexuality, of which you can read about here. I discovered that as I healed my relationship with my sexuality, my whole life began to transform.

After experiencing my own healing, I felt a calling to begin helping other women do the same. I left a nine year career as a public school teacher, and enrolled in a coaching program focused on sexuality and relationship.

It has been both my personal and my clients experience that, as women, our power lies within our sexuality. I see the work I do as deeply revolutionary, and that’s why I say:  "The revolution begins between your legs.”

I work with clients across the globe via phone or Skype or FaceTime. 

Do you:

  • Feel hopeless that you won’t ever be able to experience pleasurable penetration?

  • Feel like something is missing in your life and you know it has to do with your sexuality? 

  • Avoid or turn down your partner sexually and it’s effecting your relationship? Or you avoid relationships all together?

  • Feel tired and run down? 

  • Struggle with feelings of shame about your body and your sexuality?

  • Have little or no interest in sex? 

If so, I want you to know that being a sexually potent woman is your birthright, and I can help you get there. 

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I draw upon my coaching training with OneTaste and Nicole Daedone and years of self-exploratory work within the Diamond Logos, The Release Technique, Orgasmic Meditation, and The Art of Feminine Presence frameworks during my sessions.

Pricing is based on session packages.

“When you heal your relationship with your sexuality, your entire life will transform. It is the key to your feminine power.” – Sarah Kennedy

Low libido? Painful sex? Anorgasmic?

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