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Six Week Journey with Sarah J. Kennedy

Are you ready to have a deeply loving, intimate, sexually vibrant relationship? 

Are you ready to feel radiantly feminine and orgasmically alive in and out of the bedroom? 

Healing your Female Pain-Body makes all of this possible.

What is the female pain body? 

The accumulation of emotional pain stored in the body, that is particular to women.  This emotional pain is related to sexuality, feminine energy, men, and our relationship with our mothers. 

The emotional pain-body robs you of a vibrant sex life, loving healthy relationships with men, and feeling powerfully feminine.

The pain-body sabotages your happiness and relationships by causing you to:

  • Have difficulty enjoying sex.

  • To feel easily hurt and triggered.

  • To lose your vibrancy and radiance.

  • Act out sabotaging behaviors in intimate relationships, like, withdrawing your love, passive aggression, and purposely punishing or cutting down your partner.

  • To emasculate men, making it impossible to have a healthy, deeply intimate relationship with a man.

  • Have painful-sex issues.

  • To attract men with heavy pain bodies.

  • Feel perpetually resentful, bitter and disappointed.

  • Nag and complain instead of asking for your desires.

Benefits of healing your female pain-body include:

  • Being able to have a healthy, deeply intimate, sexually alive relationship with a man.

  • Able to access your sexual energy and enjoy sex more.

  • Let go of resentment, bitterness, blame, and perpetual disappointment.

  • Stop feeling over-reactive, triggered, and hurt so easily.

  • Attract a loving, healthy, conscious partner.

  • Feel powerfully feminine.

  • Exude more vibrancy and feminine radiance.

  • Feel happier, lighter and turned-on about life.

  • Free yourself of triggers and unconscious pain-body behaviors which sabotage you.

  • Connect to your creative gifts and how to share those gifts with the world.

  • Heal pelvic-pain issues.

Hi! I’m Sarah Kennedy, Women’s Sexuality, Empowerment, and Embodiment coach.

I’ve helped 100’s of women across the globe heal their pain-bodies and step into their vibrancy as a woman.

I’ve also had my own personal journey with healing the female pain-body.

I used to have an incredibly heavy female pain-body. I was angry, disappointed, and resentful toward men. I was shut sexually and had a condition that caused sex to be painful. I had little to no pleasure in my life, and all my relationships with men were full of drama, disappointment and hurt. 

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I could have never imagined this would change for me. BUT IT DID! 

As I healed my female pain-body, everything began to shift. I healed the condition that was caused painful sex, got deeply in touch with my sexual energy, and met an incredible man who I have a deeply loving, healthy, sexually vibrant relationship with.

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This is me and my beloved at our favorite spot on the Yuba River. I could have never imagined I could have such a deeply loving, easy, soulful relationship. It was healing my female pain-body that made this possible for me.

Healing the female pain-body transformed my life and it will transform yours.

Want to know more about the female pain-body, how it sabotages your happiness and relationships, and what to do about it?

Watch this Facebook Live-stream.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • How to access and move through accumulated grief, rage and fear in the body so you can feel good in your body.

  • Understand that much of your pain-body is an imprint from your mother/grandmother and how to disengage from pain that does not belong to you. Be free of the pain!

  • How to recognize sabotaging pain-body behaviors and what to do about them. No more sabotaging behaviors wreaking havoc on your life and relationships!

  • How to re-wire your painful beliefs about men, so you can have a loving relationship with a one!

  • How to wake up your sexual/orgasmic energy and feel more alive, vibrant and radiant.

  • What the “collective” female pain-body is and how to move beyond it. No more suffering as a woman.

  • How to stop feeling hurt and triggered.


  • 6 Week Virtual (LIVE) Journey

  • We meet live via Zoom on Saturdays from 10:30am-Noon Pacific (Los Angeles) time, starting October 5th.

  • Each class will include content taught by Sarah and time for Q and A and individual coaching.

  • Each class will be recorded and shared with the group, so it’s no problem to miss them live.

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Early Bird Pricing ends September 13th 

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“Sarah's mother merge work has been deeply healing for me. When Sarah took me through the process of healing my mother merge, I finally understood why I've struggled with feeling disappointed by men my whole life and I felt empowered to change that. Using the mother merge process over a period of time, has completely transformed my relationship with men." -Cathy Knack

“At the time I found Sarah, I had just left a sexless relationship and had no desire for sex at all. I thought there was something wrong with me and felt hopeless.

Working with Sarah and taking her course, has dramatically changed all of that. I now have a loving partner who I have really beautiful, deeply connected sex which deserves the word ‘sacred’, and I’ve experienced supremely exquisite climaxes during intercourse. I went from feeling completely stuck in my life to “Everything is possible” which is worth it’s weight in gold.” -Katrin Steiner

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“Before Sarah’s course I had a lot of shame about sex and my body. I was almost always in my head during sex and couldn’t relax and let go, and sex was almost always painful. I had a lot of emotional pain around men due to my relationship with my father and felt generally unsafe around men.

After her course, sex has almost always been pleasurable. I feel much more turned on and wet during sex and my orgasms are stronger. I feel a lot more confident asking for what I want, and I feel more able to relax and be feminine around men. And because of it, more good men are asking me out. I highly recommend Sarah’s course.” -Allayah Gilmore


Q: How will the classes be conducted?

We will use Zoom technology for the virtual workshops and group coaching calls.

Q: Can I benefit from the course if I miss a class?

I’ve gotcha covered! Recordings of every virtual workshop and call will be made available only to participants enrolled in the program.

Q: I am a very private person. I’m not comfortable sharing intimate details with others. How can I protect my privacy in a group coaching setting?

I get it and honor your desire for privacy. This program is designed to give you a lot of privacy with the deeper self-discovery and reflection. I create a very safe space for you to share, if and when you choose. Nobody is ever forced. You can engage as much or as little as you desire. That said, I see how transformational it is for women to share and be witnessed by other women. It's a powerful way to move through isolation and shame in a supportive environment.

Q: I feel nervous investing this amount of money in myself.

I get it! It’s easy for women to invest in everyone but ourselves. It’s part of our cultural conditioning, but it's not serving us. Many of us are running on empty. An investment in this program is an investment in tools, resources, and transformation that will serve you for the rest of your life. Something to consider: What is it worth to you to have a greater access to your pleasure? To enjoy sex more? To have a healthy, nourishing relationship? To feel more empowered? When viewed from this angle, the investment in this program is a very good deal.


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