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This is a revolutionary time for women. 

There’s a massive shift happening on our planet, and women are being called to step into our feminine power, pleasure and purpose. 

We are being called to awaken our inner Goddess.

The reason why women are so disempowered is going to surprise you. 

But before I tell you about that, I have a couple questions.


Do you currently:

  • Not enjoy sex and feel a lack of pleasure in your life?

  • Have a hard time asking for you want, or even knowing what you want?

  • Lack a sense of purpose?

  • Are you working at a job you don’t love?

  • Feel disconnected from your inner wisdom and power?

  • Spend more time in masculine energy (projects, goals, accomplishments) than feminine energy (pleasure, radiance, sensuality, flow).

  • Feel disconnected from your roots and ancestral lineage?

If so, you are not alone.  I hear these things from women every day. 

All of these issues stem from the same problem and they all have the same solution. The solution will surprise you, because it doesn’t exist in our current paradigm.

Our current paradigm says: “If you have a problem, fix it.” That’s a masculine approach. What I’m going to share with you comes from a feminine paradigm.

For millennia, when a girl became a woman, she underwent a transformational initiation. 

This initiation process was passed down to her through her matriarchal lineage. She learned the arts of sensuality and pleasure. She learned to access her feminine power through her vagina and womb. She became the Goddess in the flesh. 

Modern culture has lost this initiation process, and women are disempowered. To fully step into your feminine power, you need the initiation you never received and you need to reclaim your sacred Goddess lineage.

Before I tell you how to do that, let me tell you my story.


I'm Sarah Kennedy, Women's Pleasure and Empowerment Coach.

Seven years ago, I had a vivid dream, where I was initiated into walking the path of the Goddess.  After this dream, my life rapidly transformed. 

I had been shut down sexually, and for 20 years suffered from a condition that caused painful sex. Shortly after the initiation, the pain was gone, I reclaimed my sexual energy and had amazing sex. 

I learned that my power and confidence were tied to my sexuality, and to my relationship with my vagina and womb. 

Areas of the body from which most women are disconnected.

Before the initiation, my life had been purposeless. I hated my job, I felt lost. After the initiation, my soul’s purpose was clear: to help other women heal their relationship with sex, power, and purpose.

Within two years, I created a thriving business helping lots of women like you. 

The Goddess initiation transformed my life, and it will transform yours. 

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Click below to listen to The Goddess Initiation that was given to me in a dream. This is a powerful process, so only listen if you are currently wanting transformation in your life.

If you have had your physical uterus removed, or are trans you still have an energetic imprint of womb space and can receive all the benefits of this process.

Become a modern day Goddess who is:

  • In touch with your sexuality

  • Nourished by sex

  • In tune with your desires, and able to ask for what you want.

  • Deeply connected to your body, vagina, and womb.

  • Living from your feminine power

  • Clear on your soul’s purpose, and empowered to create a life based on purpose.

  • Connected to your roots and lineage.

But to become that woman in the flesh, like millions of women before you, you need your initiation, and you need reconnect your sacred Goddess lineage that was stolen from you. And that’s why I’ve created this program.  

If you are ready for a massive transformation, then join me in my Goddess Initiation group program.

How the Goddess Initiation Program Works

I offer two tiers of this program so you can get the support you need for fully stepping into your feminine power, pleasure and purpose.


  • 6 “Deep Dive” Virtual Workshops (LIVE)

  • 4 Group Coaching Calls

  • Bonuses

5 monthly payments of $199

Save $100 by paying in full


  • Everything in Mastery

  • 4 Private Coaching Calls with Sarah

  • Private Email Support

  • Bonuses

5 monthly payments of $399

Save $100 by paying in full

Have questions or want to talk with Sarah to make sure this program is a good fit for you first?



"I have partaken in other courses around the feminine and feminine energy, and Sarah’s course took us to a much deeper place. The initiation process was an incredibly powerful experience."- Maria

“During Sarah’s course, my coworkers and friends would tell me how they noticed more softness, clarity, and magnetic energy radiating from me. I was also online dating (rather unsuccessfully) prior to the course. During the course, I met and connected with a really nice fella online.

I enjoyed the massive amounts of radiance and pure energy that was created by the women in the group. The cherry on top was being present while other women went through the experience at the same time. It was simply magical." - Charmin Shanell

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“Before Sarah’s course I had a lot of shame about sex and my body. I was almost always in my head during sex and couldn’t relax and let go, and sex was almost always painful. I felt generally uptight and not safe around men.

After her course, sex has almost always been pleasurable. I feel much more turned on and wet during sex and my orgasms are stronger. I feel a lot more confident asking for what I want, and I feel more able to relax and be feminine around men. And because of it, more men are asking me out. I highly recommend Sarah’s course.”- Allayah Gilmore


"The Goddess Initiation program was completely amazing, moving, and life-changing. I'm at a loss for words. Joining this program was one of the best decisions I've ever made." - Kylie Jensen

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“At the time I found Sarah, I had just left a sexless relationship and had no desire for sex at all. I thought there was something wrong with me and felt hopeless.

Working with Sarah and taking her course, has dramatically changed all of that. I now have a loving partner who I have really beautiful, deeply connected sex which deserves the word ‘sacred’, and I’ve experienced supremely exquisite climaxes during intercourse. I went from feeling completely stuck in my life to “Everything is possible” which is worth it’s weight in gold.” -Katrin Steiner

“Before starting this course, I was hoping that it would be able to help me but I honestly had doubts that I could be helped. I felt completely disconnected to my pelvis, sensuality, and inner Goddess.

In the first exercise Sarah led me through, I was surprised when a sudden jolt of energy released from my womb space and traveled to my face. Tears suddenly started flowing and I cried tears of release, feeling deeply relaxed and like I had let go of years of grief.

After experiencing this I knew there was hope for me and that I really COULD access my inner Goddess.” - Stephanie Fuller

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“Sarah's mother merge work has been deeply healing for me. When Sarah took me through the process of healing my mother merge, I finally understood why I've struggled with feeling disappointed by men my whole life and I felt empowered to change that. Using the mother merge process over a period of time, has completely transformed my relationship with men." -Cathy Knack

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What You'll Learn in the Program

Virtual Workshops 

Virtual Workshop #1 Opening Ceremony

A powerful container will be created for you to receive your initiation.  We will pave the way for you to step into your feminine power, experience greater pleasure, and connect with your soul’s purpose.  

  • Group introduction and initiation exercise.

  • Learn how to work with dreams to transform old wounding and patterns, discover your soul’s purpose, and tap into unsourced power within you.

  • Learn a simple process for healing trauma and triggers.

Virtual Workshop #2 The Wonder Womb

In many traditions, the womb is known as the “second heart” and center of all creation. We have lost connection to this potent, powerful part of our bodies. Experience the radiance, wisdom, intuition, and grounded nature of your womb.  Even if you had your physical uterus removed, you still have the energetic imprint of womb and can still experience a deep connection.

  • Calm anxiety through womb connection.

  • Tap into your creative potential and birth projects through your womb.

  • Experience your inner radiance and magnetism through your womb.

  • Learn how to let your womb guide you, instead of your mind.

  • Learn a powerful tool called inquiry to access your wisdom and move through blocks.

Virtual Workshop #3 Viva La Vulva

Celebrate the power of your vulva, and experience more pleasure and better orgasms. 

  • Learn the number one thing your vagina needs to feel fully alive.

  • Why connecting with your vagina helps put you in touch with your inner Goddess.

  • How to experience more sensation and pleasure in your vagina and have more pleasurable orgasms.

  • Learn to use your vagina to guide you towards your true desires.

Virtual Workshop #4 Healing the Mother Wound and Reclaiming Your Sacred Lineage.

The mother wound is the reason we stay stuck in patterns and have unresolved issues. Healing the mother wound is a crucial part of stepping into our power. 

  • What the mother wound is and how it keeps you stuck around sex, purpose, relationships and power.

  • Learn how the motherwound keeps you from meeting healthy, high-integrity partners.

  • Experience a powerful process to heal the mother wound and finally move past issues that have been plaguing you for years.

  • What the mother merge is, why you repeat your mother's issues, and how to move past it.

  • Discover the true power available through your matriarchal lineage.

Virtual Workshop #5 Have Sex Like a Goddess

Every woman can experience deep pleasure and joy during sex---the trouble is that many of us haven’t learned how to have sex in a way that works for our unique bodies.  

  • Learn how to supercharge your sex drive so that you not only deeply desire sex, but completely enjoy it.

  • Learn a new model for sex that works for women’s bodies.

  • Learn the top two mistakes women make in bed that keep them from experiencing amazing sex.

  • Gain the confidence to ask for what you want in and out of bed.

Virtual Workshop #6 Discover Your Soul’s Purpose and Make Money on Purpose.

Awakening your inner Goddess will put you in touch with your unique soul purpose.  

  • Learn why the fastest way to purpose is through pleasure.

  • Learn how to move through the number one fear that holds women back from sharing their gifts with the world.

  • Learn how to move past blocks to making money on purpose.

Group Coaching Calls

Participants always tell me that although group coaching made them nervous at first, it turned out to be one of their biggest highlights. 

  • Get your biggest questions answered, and issues resolved through 1:1 laser coaching.

  • Learn from the coaching other's receive, move through feelings of isolation, and naturally let go of shame.

Step into the Sisterhood


This is more than a group program, it’s a sisterhood. In this program, you’ll become a part of an intimate community of women.

The most powerful asset a woman can have, is to be surrounded by other woman on a similar journey.

You’ll get to engage with each other in our workshops, coaching calls, FB group and weekend retreat.

You’ll have a chance to learn from, support, and be inspired by each other. You’ll even be partnered with an inquiry (a powerful tool you will learn) partner to connect with individually. The relationships you develop in this program could lead to friendships that last a lifetime.


Bonus #1 Full moon womb activation and blessing bonus call.

The full moon is a powerful time to activate the radiance and wisdom available to you in your womb. You will walk away from this bonus class feeling radiant, renewed, grounded, and in touch with your feminine essence.

Bonus #2 Movies, Books, Music.

You will receive a list of movies, books and music to support you in opening your Inner Goddess, and stepping fully into your feminine power, pleasure and purpose. 

Bonus #3 Embody the Feminine Audio Series. 

In this four-part audio series, you will learn simple yet powerful embodiment exercises to help you connect to and feel your feminine body.

Exclusive Fast Acting Bonuses

The first 3 people who sign up will receive:

Exclusive one-on-one private coaching session with Sarah - $325 value

Complete access to the Sex Like a Goddess Online Course - $497 value

Total of $825 in extra bonuses

The next 5 who sign up will receive: 

Access to the Sex Like A Goddess Online Course - $497 value

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.53.06 PM.png

In the Sex Like A Goddess online course you will learn a in-depth method for healing sexual issues and having an electrifying sex life. During this course you will become:

  • In touch with your sexual desire and hunger for sex

  • Free from sexual shame and blocks

  • Nourished by electrifying sex

  • Clear on what you like, and able to ask for it.

  • Radiant and magnetic at any age

  • Attracting a partner that treats you like a Goddess


Q: How will we receive our initiation?

I originally thought the initiation I received in my dream was just for me. It is clear to me now, that is was given to me to initiate other women as well. When I tell the dream to you in the form of a story, you will receive the initiation. The next four months are dedicated to supporting you to move through old wounding, and knowing yourself as Goddess in the flesh.

Q: How will the classes be conducted?

We will use Zoom technology for the virtual workshops and group coaching calls.

Q: Can I benefit from the course if I miss a workshop or coaching call?

I’ve gotcha covered! Recordings of every virtual workshop and call will be made available only to participants enrolled in the program.

Q: I am a very private person. I’m not comfortable sharing intimate details with others. How can I protect my privacy in a group coaching setting?

I get it and honor your desire for privacy. This program is designed to give you a lot of privacy with the deeper self-discovery and reflection. I create a very safe space for you to share, if and when you choose. Nobody is ever forced. You can engage as much or as little as you desire.

That said, I see how transformational it is for women to share and be witnessed by other women. It's a powerful way to move through isolation and shame in a supportive environment.

Q: I feel nervous investing this amount of money in myself.

I get it! It’s easy for women to invest in everyone but ourselves. It’s part of our cultural conditioning, but it's not serving us. Many of us are running on empty.

An investment in this program is an investment in tools, resources, and transformation that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Something to consider: What is it worth to you to have a greater access to your pleasure? To enjoy sex more? To have a life that is nourishing instead of draining? To feel connected to your soul’s purpose? To feel more empowered? When viewed from this angle, the investment in this program is a pretty good deal.


Contact my team at: sarah@sarahjkennedy.com