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Hello Beautiful Woman!

I know right now sex might not be pleasurable and you might even feel hopeless about sex. Do any of these questions ring true for you?

Do you:

  • Have little or no interest in sex and feel broken sexually?

  • Often feel like sex is a chore?

  • Have obligatory sex?

  • Feel stuck in your head a lot?

  • Spend more time in masculine energy (production) vs. feminine (pleasure)?

  • Feel hopeless that you won’t ever be able to experience pleasure or orgasm during penetration?

  • Feel like something is missing in your life and you know it has to do with your sexuality? 

  • Avoid or turn down your partner sexually and it’s effecting your relationship? Or you avoid relationships all together?

  • Struggle with feelings of shame about your body and your sexuality?

  • Know your sex life could be so much better, but you don't know how to get there? 

If so, you have found the right place! I’ve helped 100’s of women wake up their sex drive and enjoy sex. Pleasure is your divine birthright as a woman and your body is wired for orgasmic sex. You just need help getting there, and there is nothing wrong with needing help.

In ancient cultures, women learned about the arts of sensuality and sexuality from an older woman. In our modern culture, this passing down of knowledge has been lost and female sexuality has been widely repressed and demonized.

I offer individual coaching, group programs, and online courses to meet your specific needs. Click below to schedule a chat with me.

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Before Sarah’s course I had a lot of shame about sex and my body. I was almost always in my head during sex and couldn’t relax and let go, and sex was almost always painful. I felt generally uptight and not safe around men.

After her course, sex has almost always been pleasurable. I feel much more turned on and wet during sex and my orgasms are stronger. I feel a lot more confident asking for what I want, and I feel more able to relax and be feminine around men. And because of it, more men are asking me out. I highly recommend Sarah’s course.