Low libido? Painful sex? Anorgasmic?

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Do you:

  • Have little or no interest in sex?

  • Feel broken sexually?

  • Often feel like sex is a chore?

  • Have obligatory sex?

  • Feel stuck in your head a lot?

  • Spend more time in masculine energy (production) vs. feminine (pleasure)?

  • Feel hopeless that you won’t ever be able to experience pleasure or orgasm during penetration?

  • Feel like something is missing in your life and you know it has to do with your sexuality? 

  • Avoid or turn down your partner sexually and it’s effecting your relationship? Or you avoid relationships all together?

  • Feel tired and run down? 

  • Struggle with feelings of shame about your body and your sexuality?

  • Know your sex life could be so much better, but you don't know how to get there? 

If so, I want you to know that enjoying a deeply pleasurable sex life is your birthright as a woman. Your body is hard wired for pleasurable sex, you just need help getting there.



Before Sarah’s course I had a lot of shame about sex and my body. I was almost always in my head during sex and couldn’t relax and let go, and sex was almost always painful. I felt generally uptight and not safe around men.

After her course, sex has almost always been pleasurable. I feel much more turned on and wet during sex and my orgasms are stronger. I feel a lot more confident asking for what I want, and I feel more able to relax and be feminine around men. And because of it, more men are asking me out. I highly recommend Sarah’s course.