Low libido? Painful sex? Anorgasmic?

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My Unique Approach:

Not just coaching, not just therapy, not just somatic practice – but the best of all three!

Many women who inquire about working with me, ask me what the difference is between coaching and therapy. 

I happily answer the question, and also tell them that I combine both coaching and therapy into my sessions as well as somatic practice. 

I think all three are equally important, and that combining all three is what consistently gets my clients powerful results. 

Coaching: Coaching is forward thinking and results orientated. In coaching we map out what shifts you are looking to make, and we focus on making them. I become your advocate, helping you to maneuver through all the resistance and fear that inevitably arises when you want to make changes in your life. 

Unlike therapy, where most therapist are trained to hide their emotions and private lives from clients, in coaching we share our life stories and connect with clients on a more personal level to build a co-creative partnership. 

My Training: I'm a certified sex and relationship coach. I received my coaching certification from OneTaste, where I completed a rigorousness coaching program and certification process. I'm a member of a coaching association where I receive ongoing education in coaching, and go through a re-certification process every two years. 

Therapy:  Therapy tends to be more backwards looking. In therapy we tend to childhood wounding and messaging, and take a deep look at how that wounding and messaging is affecting your life as an adult. 

Most of our sex and relationship issues were formulated in childhood, and it's impossible to shift those issues without tending to the wounding and messaging received in childhood. 

My Training: I have extensively studied and trained in many therapeutic modalities including, The Diamond Approach, The Release Technique, The Work of Byron Katie, and dream work. 

I have extensive experience working with The Mother Wound, and have found this to be a root issue to address in regards to sex and relationship issues. 

Somatic Practice: Somatic practices are body based practices that help release trauma, and help awaken and move stuck energy in the body. 

My Training: I'm a certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer and a licensed Art of Feminine Presence teacher. 

Orgasmic Meditation is a sexuality practice that releases trauma from the body, and helps move stuck sexual energy. 

The Art of Feminine Presence consists of 44 body based practices that help women get deeply in touch with their sensuality, feminine essence,
and power.

If you have struggled with issues around sex and relationships that you have not yet been able to shift, my unique, multi-demisonal approach can help. 

If you are interested in potentially working with me, click here to message me, and we'll set up a time for a 15 minute chat. I see clients via phone or Skype, and have an international client base.