Are you ready to become a sexually empowered woman who craves and deeply enjoys sex?


Right now, do you?

  • Not enjoy sex like other women, and wonder what’s wrong with you?

  • Have obligatory sex?

  • Get stuck in your head instead of your body during sex?

  • Lack the clarity and confidence to know what you want and ask for it?

  • Need to fantasize to enjoy sex?

  • Avoid relationships to avoid sex?


If so, you are not alone. I hear these things from women everyday.


There is nothing wrong with you!

There are two reasons you don’t enjoy sex:

You have sexual blocks.

You have learned to have sex in a masculine way, and that way doesn’t work for your body.


You are meant to have sex like a Goddess.

You were meant to have an electrifying sex life that opens up your wild feminine nature and deeply nourishes your heart, body and soul.


I know this story well, because it’s mine too.

I’m Sarah Kennedy, a Women’s Pleasure and Empowerment Coach.   

I spent 20 years feeling broken because I suffered from a condition that caused painful sex and had virtually zero libido. I never would have imagined I could have a deeply fulfilling sex life.   

Now I do. And if I can, so can you.

From my own healing journey, I created a unique method to help women heal from sexual repression, shame and triggers, wake up their libido and start having great sex. 


Brittany wheeler

Brittany wheeler

Before working with Sarah I had massive sexual guilt and shame and felt like a broken woman because sex was always painful. I had no libido and couldn’t imagine a man would ever want to be with me.

Now, I’m so much more in touch with my body. I feel much more turned on by sex and have even had pain-free sex. I know what I like, and able to ask for it."

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Online Course

In this course I will teach you exactly how I went from having no-libido and painful sex to finding it deeply gratifying.

Sexual repression is connected with other life issues as well, such as:

  • Feeling irritated, anxious, and unhappy

  • Feeling purposeless and empty

  • Money troubles


Gaining access to your sexual vitality will transform your life. It’s the key to your feminine power.

During this Course you will become a modern day sex Goddess who is:

  • In touch with your sexual desire and hunger for sex

  • Free from sexual shame and blocks

  • Nourished by electrifying sex

  • Clear on what you like, and able to ask for it.

  • Radiant and magnetic at any age

  • Attracting a partner that treats you like a Goddess


Join me in my Have Sex Like a Goddess Online Course .

Allayah Gilmore

Allayah Gilmore

Before Sarah’s course I had a lot of shame about sex and my body. I was almost always in my head during sex and couldn’t relax and let go, and sex was almost always painful. I felt generally uptight and not safe around men.

After her course, sex has almost always been pleasurable. I feel much more turned on and wet during sex and my orgasms are stronger. I feel a lot more confident asking for what I want, and I feel more able to relax and be feminine around men. And because of it, more men are asking me out. I highly recommend Sarah’s course.

Module One: Healing

  • Learn my unique method for healing sexual repression that has helped 100s of private clients.

  • Identify and heal your sexual blocks and triggers.

Module Two: Matriarchal Lineage

  • Learn how your matriarchal lineage affects your sex life, and what to do about it.

  • Eliminate shame forever.

  • Fall in love with your body.

Module Three: Getting Turned On

  • Release pain so your sexual energy can flow.

  • Learn about several somatic practices that unlock your sexual energy, so sex feels good and orgasms are plentiful.

  • Learn how to get clear on what you like, and the confidence to ask for it.

Module Four: Have Sex Like a Goddess

  • Discover a feminine approach to sex.

  • Learn the fundamental shifts you must make to start having electrifying sex and delicious orgasms.

  • Learn how to get your man to treat you like a Goddess in the bedroom.

Module Five: The Sexually Empowered Goddess Lifestyle

  • Learn how to use your sexual energy to get in touch with your deeper desires and create a life you love.

  • Learn how to use orgasm and sex energy to create more money.

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Bonus #1 Facebook Group A secret Facebook group where you can connect with me and other participants between classes.



Embody the Feminine Audio Series

In the Embody the Feminine Audio Series, you will learn embodiment practices that leave you feeling sensual, feminine & powerful


Investment of $497

Kylie Jensen

Kylie Jensen

What Sarah teaches is not Cosmo style sex tips and techniques, but a complete healing method and an entirely new approach to sex.

I wish someone had taught me this years ago. I went from being completely turned off and triggered by sex, to having two hour long amazing sex sessions with my partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m single, is this class for me?

Yes! This class is perfect for couples or singles. When you’re single, it’s a great time to clear out sexual baggages. This will help you attract your next partner and enjoy great sex.

Q: Am I too old or young for this course?

Besides needing to be 18 for legal reasons, no way! I have worked with women ages 19 to 72. You are never too old or young to start having great sex.

Q: What are your qualifications for teaching this course?

I’m a certified sex and relationship coach, and hold certifications to teach several different somatic practices.

Most importantly, I understand the sexual healing journey because I lived it. I spent most of my adult life sexually repressed and suffered from a condition that caused sex to be painful.

Through this life experience, I created a unique method to help other women become sexually empowered and enjoy great sex.

Questions? Contact my team at:

Sally Craig

Sally Craig

Sarah helped me to shift my focus during lovemaking from taking care of my partner’s needs to enjoying my own pleasure. And, of course, giving me pleasure is what makes him happiest. Funny how that works!